Course Regulations

  1. All Membership dues are payable in full before any golfing will be allowed in the upcoming season.
  2. Members have the right to renew their membership with a deposit of at least $200. If a member does not renew by February 1, that membership will be offered to someone from our waiting list until we have reached our capacity of 125 members.
  3. Juniors are those young adults who are in High School or younger. They are not allowed to play at league times or have weekend starting times.
  4. All golfers must register with the Starter or in the Pro Shop before playing.
  5. All golfers must start on #1 unless permission has been granted to start elsewhere. Holes must be played in their intended order.
  6. Golfers must repair their ball marks on the greens and replace their divots or turf in the fairways.
  7. Respectable attire must be worn at all times.
  8. Only two riders are allowed on a golf cart at any time.
  9. Practicing can take place only in the practice area. Maximum hitting distance is 200 yards.
  10. No coolers are allowed.
  11. All golfers must play in 2 hours each nine holes or must maintain their position directly behind the group in front of them.

Golfers should obey all the rules of golf etiquette so the game can be enjoyed by all golfers